Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Birthday and 19 Words of Wisdom

There have been lots of news I've been hiding from everyone. Or rather, the news crept up on me without my remembrance, so I'm not really responsible for it, right?
"Guess what? It's my birthday!"

A) I'm in Black Hills, South Dakota taking summer science classes

B) Yesterday was my birthday!

I'm 19 now. I have been so blessed to have spent this birthday with the small community students, faculty, and staff here in Black Hills. Among many things, some of the best parts of my birthday would be finding a present and card packed with signatures and notes from everyone. We went to Sylvan lake, played cards and messed around on rocks, bought super cheap DVD's at pawn shops, and then had donuts for dessert (they asked me what I wanted. Of course, donuts!!!).

But even better than all of these was my chance to share 19 words of wisdom with everyone. It all started with being pushed to do something with the number 19 for my birthday. I had many options. 19 spankings, 19 dunks in cold water, 19 pinches. You can see why I chose another option. My good friend Lili asked for me to write 19 words of wisdom. After assembling them and being blessed enough to share with everyone after dinner, I was also asked to type them up. So here they are for all eternity and for many blessings.

(Preface (AKA: unofficial number) - Because of the universal nature of wisdom, it's hard to get many things that are original :) )

1. The scariest thing in the world is losing sight of God (not bugs, according to popular belief).
2. One of the best gifts of God is a friend who understands.
3. The key to dispelling ungratefulness is gratitude (that's why thankfulness in prayer is so important).
4. Nothing and no one, not security or even a spouse, will complete your joy on this earth.
5. You have no control over your emotions, but you do have control over your reactions to them.
6. Love comes in many forms. Don't get to fixated on one type and miss out on all the rest around you.
7. God is a passionate God. The passions He's given you all have a reason even if you can't see it yet.
8. You can't have a close relationship without faith.
9. Being a black sheep isn't automatically shamefull, but pushing others way is a shame.
10. Laughter is the best medicine (stolen from Proverbs 17:22).
11. Nothing lifts the heart better than gratitude.
12. Life everyday is the life God has called us to.
13. Miscommunication is a ploy of the devil. Don't let unsaid words ruin a relationship.
14. Confusion and doubt are not inherently bad; they give the chance to trust in God.
15. Grudges and anger weight a lot. You can't throw them off on your own.
16. Look up which temptations God says to resist and which ones to flee.
17. Constantly measure your experiences and beliefs to God's words.
18. Give your heart to God because no one can keep it safer.
19. Only God knows how true or untrue each of these words of wisdom really are.

P.S. My internet has been quite spotty due to our boondocks location. I will continue to check in on things when I can, but I'll be barely treading above water with that for another month and a half.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And what Fantastic Words of Wisdom! Thanks for sharing! I love that you know many random facts! I love all things random - they make life so fun and interesting! I also love quotes - I sure wish I had more of them memorized. And oh how I love the smell of freshly fallen rain! That started with my Mom who breathed it in like it was ambrosia from Heaven and I've loved it along with her ever since! It's great to meet you! Enjoy learning science!

  2. great list! If only I'd had this much wisdom when I was 19 :)