About Me

Mundane List

Origin: Toledo, OH
Place of incubation: Kalamazoo, MI
Chronological Age: 19
Obsessions: Reading, writing, singing (choir and musicals), lifting weights
Strengths: Doing the splits, concentrating, being awkward, talking
Weaknesses: Any sports with balls, large groups of people, food

Exciting List!

Sometimes, I struggle have to struggle to be spontaneous. Other times, I'll do something so spontaneously I even shock myself. I have a friend who calls this "true spontaneity."

I seriously love God. I am excited to spend every day learning more about the world and Him and His dreams for it. I love learning in general. Please give me strange facts to smuggle into my already bloated mind!

I was diagnosed with medical anxiety when I was in 6th grade. I have suffered from bouts of depression since then. In my current state, I feel very equipped and most days quite normal, but only recently (my freshman year in college, to keep this dated) have I begun to see my depression as a good thing. If you'd like to know more about that or talk about your own experience with a mental disorder, feel free to sent me a message. I'd love to talk!

My favorite sense is smell. If you want to romance me, smell good. If you want to bribe me, find a way to capture the smell of freshly fallen rain in spring. 

I hated reading until 6th grade. Then I discovered Sabriel by Garth Nix because my teacher told me I had to read a book longer than 200 pages. I didn't notice until my senior year in high school that Sabriel was also the first fantasy book I read. My new theory is that it was not reading that I hated until 6th grade but realistic fiction. And that distaste has yet to be absolved.

I started writing in 7th grade.

My hardest habit to quit as a writer is writing long, convoluted sentences that drawl on and on and are perfectly sound grammar-wise but not so great sanity-wise, but the good news is that I'm aware of my problem and thus can pass into the last stage of healing.

I love anime and manga! Granted, I love traditional books more but not by much. I believe that my love for them is partially fueled by my desire for stories and partially fueled by the art aspect. If given a choice, I'd prefer the manga format over the anime because the loss of color and voice acting leaves more for the imagination to chew on.
(Favorites include: Full Metal Alchemist (anime and manga), Rurouni Kenshin (manga), Naruto (manga), Gakuen Alice (manga), and Kanata Kara/From Far Away (manga).)

I love to knit.

I love trying knew things. In my life, I have started many hobbies and skills simply for the sake of learning. I have learned how to ride horses, rock climb, do gymnastics and tae kwon do (deputy black belt), play violin, fish (fresh water and deep sea), skii, garden, draw, and build a website (sadly unfinished). I enjoyed each very much, but the problem with having so many interests is that it's hard to become excellent in any of them.