Monday, May 14, 2012

Explanations, but not Excuses

There are few words to express a lack of presence online. So I'm not sure how I'm supposed to start this post. I could say, "I've been busy," but that would be only too true for all of us. At least, us as in Americans. And "I've been depressed" is just, well, depressing. It's true. I've been struggling for the past two semesters, and I finally want to get things going again here. I have plans for this summer, and I want to share it with you all. I want to catch up on life from the past. So, in the interest of keeping things short and sweet, as is my new resolution to blog posts (so they don't eat up my life), I'll give a quick overview of things to come and then end this thing.

The past:

  1. Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing (my first writers' conference!)
  2. Novella class
  3. My second long-term experience with depression
As for the future, there's just one thing: 

Seven weeks in Tansen, Nepal!

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  1. Long, LONG time no see! I've had a spotty internet presence these past months also. Welcome back from someone who's not really qualified to welcome anyone to the internet! Glad to see you. ^_^